Quality is closely linked to the development strategy of the National Institute for Research and Development for Food Bioresources – IBA Bucharest. The quality policy set by the Managing Director according to the benchmarks corresponds to the nature of the internal / external environment and the organization’s own risks, and takes into account the quality of the processes / products / services performed, the market strategy and the goals pursued. The Managing Director is commited to develop and maintain the management system in accordance with the adopted standards (ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO / IEC 17025: 2005) at INCDBA-IBA Bucharest and to continuously improve its effectiveness through. Communication within the organization about the importance of meeting customer requirements as well as legal requirements and regulated requirements, compliance with the requirements of the standards adopted and good professional practice regarding the quality of products and processes carried out in the institute· Process-based approach, communication and implementation of quality management system documents to achieve products / services at the highest quality standards in terms of efficiency and effectiveness· Respecting the quality policy and analyzing its adequacy· Ensuring that targets are set and analyzed, that associated risks are evaluated and tolerance limits are assessed· Communication and understanding of quality policy as well as its emerged documents within the organization· Conducting analysis made by the management·         Ensuring the availability of the necessary resources (human resources with specialized skills, organizational infrastructure, technological and financial resources)· Applying the methods declared in order to develop the product / service· In the implementation of the quality policy, all the staff of the institute are involved, thus ensuring the satisfaction of the clients through the exact fulfillment of their requirements. The Quality Management Representative appointed by the Managing Director shall ensure that the quality management system processes are established, developed, maintained and upgraded to the benchmark standards and report to management at the highest level the performance of the analysis system and as the basis for improvement.