Who we are

National Institute of Research and Development for Food Bioresources – IBA Bucharest is a public research organization with extra-budgetary funding, coordinated by the Ministry of Research and Innovation, with research activity in food and nutrition, food products and technology development, as well as services in the field, including small scale production of personalized food.

IBA Bucharest develops into an industry-oriented organization, accessing public/private competitive funding for project implementation in order to obtain food products or technologies, to develop analytical laboratory methods, studies or strategies. IBA Bucharest has also gained a solid experience in the area of knowledge transfer which need to be exploited as much as possible. IBA Bucharest produces also food for consumers with special needs (consumers with celiac disease or phenylketonuria) at its pilot stations and collaborates with clinics specialized in various metabolic diseases to obtain personalized foods.

IBA Bucharest has been awarded for various innovative foods (gluten-free foods or low glycemic index foods), both nationally and internationally.

IBA Bucharest provides the food industry, agricultural producers and authorities with accredited tests (under the EN ISO 17025 standard) and also technical assistance, professional training and competence assessment for industry operators, intercomparison schemes for laboratories, pilot scale tests at its pilot stations. In compliance with the policies of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, IBA Bucharest supervises and certifies food supplements to be marketed on the Romanian market.

IBA Bucharest is a reference laboratory for determining the annual quality of wheat, quality of rice and cereals, or the detection of genetically modified seeds.